• Andrew & Dan - Season 13 - Were in last place for most of the second-to-last leg of the race; but they were guaranteed a spot in the final three when Dallas accidentally left the fanny pack containing his passport and all of the money in the cab.
  • Flight Time & Big Easy - Season 15 - Fell to last place when Big Easy struggled at the Roadblock; but they remained in the race when Mika, crippled by her fear of heights and water refused to go down the water slide.
  • Jordan & Jeff - Season 16 - Started the fifth leg in last place and remained there until they discovered Joe & Heidi struggling with the morse code at the Detour because they were U-Turned by Louie & Michael.
  • Joey & Meghan - Season 22 - They were wandering aimlessly for the pit stop causing them to arrive last; however, they were not eliminated because Chuck & Wynona incurred a penalty for rolling the cheese downhill instead of using the sled as the clue instructed.
  • Cedric & Shawn - Season 30 - Fell to last place when Shawn mixed up the O's in the word puzzle and even though they arrived 8th, they were issued a 30-minute penalty because Cedric gave out directions to Shawn at the Roadblock. The penalty however expired just seconds before April & Sarah and Dessie & Kayla came in a photo finish.
  • Rupert & Laura - Season 31 - Fell to the back of the pack when they had trouble finding the EDGEof Shibuya building, then fell to last place when they got lost in Shiba Park; b but they caught a huge break when they saw Art & JJ resting on a bench when Art took a 4-hour penalty after quitting the second Roadblock.
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