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| average =
| roadblock = Viv: 1<br />Joey: 2
| roadblock = Viv: 1<br />Joey: 2
| countries = {{South Korea}} {{Vietnam}} {{Mongolia}} {{Zimbabwe}}
| countries = {{South Korea}} {{Vietnam}} {{Mongolia}} {{Zambia}}
'''Vivienne "Viv" Dinh'''<ref></ref> and '''Joey Dinh''' are a team of '''Siblings''' on {{S|4au}}
'''Vivienne "Viv" Dinh'''<ref></ref> and '''Joey Dinh''' are a team of '''Siblings''' on {{S|4au}}
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| {{nowrap|Mongolia → Zimbabwe}}
| {{nowrap|Mongolia → Zambia
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Vivienne "Viv" Dinh[1] and Joey Dinh are a team of Siblings on The Amazing Race Australia 4


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Viv, 25 & Joey, 28

Short-Stack Siblings, Victoria

Melbourne based siblings, Viv and Joey are often underestimated because of their height. Measuring four foot five inches, and five foot two inches respectively, the pair were often made fun of growing up, but now embrace their size and see it as an advantage in the race.

What the pair may lack in height, they more than make up for with their charisma, determination and in Joey’s case, eating. Joey has a knack for seeking out all the best culinary delights on his travel adventures isn’t averse in polishing off whatever is left on Viv's plate.

Together, Viv and Joey have travelled to the USA, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Macau.

Get to know Viv

What are you looking forward to the most on The Amazing Race Australia? Having the opportunity to travel around the world and visit amazing places that I haven't been to before, as well as living out our childhood dream of being on the race. Joey and I grew up watching the show together, and family and friends have always said that we’d be the funniest pair to watch!
What is the biggest challenge or weakness you’ll need to overcome? I'm not particularly strong (physically) so I think I’ll have difficulty getting through these types of challenges.
Tell us a bit about your life and upbringing? My siblings and I are all first generation Australian born and our parents were refugees from Vietnam who migrated over to Australia in the 80s. Mum is an amazing home cook and loves to entertain, so our home was always filled with friends and delicious food.

Get to know Joey

What is the biggest challenge or weakness you’ll need to overcome? I'm super reliant on technology, like having Google Maps tell me where to go, or using Google Translate to communicate in a foreign language. Having no technology is going to be a massive challenge!
What is your go-to tip for getting through a longhaul flight? Make friends with the flight attendants so that they give you extra food and snacks!
What’s the worst part of travelling with your teammate? Viv can sometimes be very stubborn and when disagreements arise, this makes it very hard to communicate with her. In situations like this, it's usually her way or the highway.

The Amazing Race Australia 4

Race History

Viv & Joey's Race History
Episode Leg Destination(s) Detour Choice
Placement Notes
1 1 South Korea Fold Em' Fast / Stack Em' High Joey 2 of 11
2 2 South Korea All Heart / All Thumbs No Roadblock 2 of 10
3 3 South Korea → Vietnam Escargot / Make Boat Go Viv 2 of 9
4 4 Vietnam Short Strokes / Long Strides No Roadblock 7 of 9
5 5 Vietnam → Mongolia Milk the Best / Herd the Rest No Roadblock 7 of 8
6 6 Mongolia Dance / Deliver Joey 5 of 7
7 7 Mongolia → Zambia / TBD of 6
Average TBD

Post Race


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