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Welcome to the World of Being Human is the fifth episode of The Amazing Race 2.


During the rest period between legs, conflict occurred between Tara & Wil and Blake & Paige. Tara & Wil are upset over Blake & Paige's behavior such as cutting in front of the Gusty Grannies in Leg 2, making them cry and cutting before Mary & Peach at the Pit Stop on the previous leg.

Paige and Blake have done everything under their power to disrupt the flow of this race. There are a lot of people, not just us, that are trash-talking about them.Wil
He's going to be ugly and be a jerk, I'm going to be ugly. And just let him know I'm not going to be nice to his face anymore.Blake
'Wil: If that's the way that this game is played, it's like—
Tara: Game on.
Wil: I'll feed him to the tigers.

Oswald & Danny are the first to depart from Amani Lodge at 7:47 am. They open the clue that informing them they have to tell their driver to drive to Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek, then fly to Bangkok, Thailand. Once in Bangkok, they'll need to head to Erawan Shrine, via BTS Skytrain to Siam Station, and then find the temple dancers to receive their next clue. They were given $80 in this leg of the race. Oswald is excited to go to Thailand.

I had been to Thailand before, but the last time I was there, I was picked up at the airport by a Rolls Royce.Oswald

Tara & Wil are second to depart at 10:34 am. Both are excited to fly to Thailand.

We have a furniture store. We've traveled the world as business partners, so our traveling could be our hidden weapon.Wil

Tara states on the ride to the airport that the two travel to Bangkok at least three times a year, staying near Siam Center.

Gary & Dave depart third at 10:45 am, rather than second due to receiving a 42 minute speeding penalty. Gary is confident that he knows the culture just by going to Thai restaurants frequently.

Blake & Paige and Mary & Peach both depart at 11:34 am. The siblings allow Mary & Peach to open their clue first, as an apology for cutting in front of them yesterday.

It was nice of Paige and Blake to offer us to read first today. Welcome to the world of being human.Mary

Cyndi & Russel depart sixth at 11:44 am.

I think the thing that's kept me going the most is my love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and secondly the love for my husband.Cyndi

Tara & Wil are the first to arrive at Hosea Kutako International Airport, easily getting tickets from Windhoek to Johannesburg and Johannesburg to Bangkok.

Tara and I, we got married, and then separated, and in the future, who knows where it's going to lead?Wil

Chris & Alex depart last at 12:59 pm, also receiving a 42 minute speeding penalty. They're hoping to reunite with their allies in the front of the pack.

The first six teams leave at 1:55 pm flight to Johannesburg. Chris & Alex depart at 3:00 pm, also to Johannesburg. At the Johannesburg airport, Blake confronts Tara & Wil about how they're trash-talking him and his sister behind their backs. This leads to an argument, and Blake just dropping it with Wil. Chris & Alex manage to catch up withe the other teams, getting the same flight to Bangkok with them.

All teams arrive in Bangkok. Gary & Dave and Blake & Paige take a bus. Tensions rise when Tara arguing they should wait for Chris & Alex, but Wil wants them to leave now.

Alex and Chris are cool guys. And all Wil can think about is, like, beating people, beating people.Tara
At some point, you have to start thinking about how you're going to move up and stay in first place. And she's not thinking like that.Wil

Tara & Wil manage to rent a minibus for them and Chris & Alex.

Cyndi & Russell and Mary & Peach take a second bus.

When we were coming out of the airport, I said to my sister, "We're in Thailand!" It scares me a little bit, I have to be honest. Definitely scares me.Peach

Oswald & Danny are the last team to leave the airport, due to bad seating.

I felt pretty bad because we were like first, and we had like the last seats in the plane. By the time we got here, we were a little bit upset.Danny

They ask an information attendant about what bus to take. She informs them to take the 510, and that it's orange. The two have difficulty finding the bus to the Skytrain.

Gary & Dave are the first team to find the Skytrain. Blake & Paige find it shortly afterward, albeit taking another train. Chris & Alex and Tara & Wil are third to get on the train.

Gary & Dave find the Erawan Shrine, getting their next clue, finding it to be a Detour, where they must choose between Confusion Now or Confusion Later. In Confusion Now, teams will have to search for a specific water taxi dock to find the correct taxi that will take them to the bird market. Once there, they will buy a cage full of sparrows and release them for good karma. In Confusion Later, teams will have to make their way to Chinatown and purchase a small paper car, then make their way to the Lee Ti Miew Shrine, where they will then burn it for their ancestors. Gary & Dave decide on Confusion Later.

Blake & Paige find the Erawan Shrine, getting their next clue. Chris & Alex and Tara & Wil arrive just seconds after.

I don't like Wil glaring over at Blake and always watching us. I can just feel the tension between them all the time.Paige

Blake & Paige decide on Confusion Later, seeing Chinatown is nearby. Chris & Alex and Tara & Wil decide on Confusion Now, as Tara notes Chinatown is crazy to navigate.

Danny & Oswald find the 510 bus and are en route to Erawan Shrine.

Both Cyndi & Russell and Mary & Peach leave Siam Station. Cyndi & Russell are first to the clue box, due to a wrong turn Mary & Peach made, and decide on Confusion Now. Mary & Peach find the clue box with the aid of a local, and decide on Confusion Now. Both teams get directions from locals, but are going in opposite directions.

Oswald & Danny ask a woman named Fern to come with them for assistance while in Bangkok. She takes them directly to Erawan Shrine. They decide on Confusion Later.

Gary & Dave find the shop in Chinatown to purchase their paper car. They as for directions to the shrine, finding one. The roommates burn their car, but do not receive their clue, realizing they have gone to the wrong shrine.

Meanwhile, Chris & Alex and Tara & Wil find a water taxi, hoping they have the right one to find the bird market.

Blake & Paige purchase a Mercedes for $3.00. They find an incinerator nearby, thinking it's the correct shrine. However, they realize they have the wrong shrine.

So we burned the car and we're standing there, and we have no clue. And so we're thinking, oh God, we just went to the the wrong temple.Paige

Mary & Peach have found the water taxis. However, Cyndi & Russell are still lost.

We're from Smalltown, USA, and to be in Bangkok, was such a huge, huge culture shock.Russell

Gary & Dave purchase another car. Blake & Paige see that Oswald & Danny are in Chinatown. The best friend purchase their car and Blake & Paige purchase another one. Blake & Paige and Gary & Dave continue to look for the correct shrine.

Thailand has been like the Twilight Zone. No one, except at the airport has spoken English.Blake

Blake & Paige find a second shrine.

In the second temple, the guy told us that before the sacrifice we had to pray, so we got on our knees.Blake

After burning their second car, they do not receive a clue.

I threw it in, and no one had a clue and I tried to grab it out, and actually got a stick, and pulled this flaming car out of the shrine. So the'yre like, this is like a sacred thing for them and here I am taking back my sacrifice.Blake

Gary & Dave finally find the correct temple, receiving their next clue. The clue tells that teams have to take the public bus to Wat Kao Chong Phran temple in Ratchaburi.

Chris & Alex and Tara & Wil find the bird market. They get their birdcages, releasing the sparrows completing the Confusion Now task and getting their clue.

With the help of Fern, Oswald & Danny get to the Lee Ti Biew shrine. The burn their car, getting their next clue.

No matter what religion you practice, you need to respect your fellow human beings. You know, you send that into the universe, it comes right back at you.Danny

Oswald & Danny ask Fern if she wants to continue to the bus station with them. She agrees, and all three look for a taxi. Chris & Alex and Tara & Wil are also looking for taxis.

Mary & Peach arrive at the bird market. They release their sparrows and receive their next clue.

With the help of a local, Blake & Paige finally find Lee Ti Biew shrine. They burn their car, getting their next clue.

Cyndi & Russell are trying to find the nearest water taxi so they ask a local.

Once we got into a major big city with a lot of people, he was more dependent on me.Cyndi

Phil recaps the team's placings. The leading teams are Gary & Dave and Tara & Wil. The middle teams are Chris & Alex and Mary & Peach. The trailing teams are Oswald & Danny, Blake & Paige, and Cyndi & Russell. 

Cyndi & Russell finally get a water taxi. All of the other teams are currently on their way to the bus station.

Those little jalopy, you know, semi-motorcycle-slash-car three-wheelers weasel in and out of traffic easier.Alex

Gary & Dave take the first bus to Ratchaburi.

We ended up taking a tuk-tuk. And man, that was just the decision that turned it around.Chris

Chris & Alex take the second bus.

It's a culture shock to me definitely. How crowded and just everything you see on the streets. The smell. The smell is horrid.Peach

Tara & Wil's taxi driver drops them off nowhere near the bus station.

So as we're walking up, I'm asking people with a map, "Where is this bus station?" He dropped us off in the middle of nowhere.Wil

Mary & Peach are on the third bus to Ratchaburi.

Tara & Wil get another cab and find a bus going to Ratchaburi.

Blake & Paige take the fifth bus.

Cyndi & Russell arrive outside of the bird market.

I hate not knowing where I'm going. We didn't know where we were going.Russell

They end up going up a temple, not finding the route marker.

Oswald & Danny take the sixth bus to Ratchaburi, with Fern being left behind. The two are grateful for everything Fern has done.

Cyndi & Russell find the bird market, completing the Confusion Now Detour. They find the bus station without much trouble and are on the final bus.

Russel carried my backpack. He wouldn't let me carry it. He's been my rock.Cyndi

Gary & Dave and Chris & Alex battle in a tuk-tuk race until Chris & Alex's tuk-tuk broke down. Gary & Dave arrive at Wat Kao Chong Phran but can't find the route marker. Chris & Alex's tuk-tuk is repaired, and both are back en route to Wat Kao Chong Phran. They get to the temple, finding the clue before Gary & Dave. The find that the clue is a Roadblock. For the Roadlbock, one team member has to don a protective mask, gloves, and boots (due to dangerous bacterium) and venture into a nearby cave filled with millions of bats to retrieve the next clue. Chris decides to perform the Roadblock. He finds the cave to be disgusting.

Oh it stank, dude. It was rank. Totally rank. It was diaper city. There were cockroaches all over the floor, and I keep getting pegged with bats.Alex

Alex gets the clue and runs out of the cave. The clue informs them to head to the Pit Stop at Ban Plai Pong Pang.

Gary & Dave still can't find the route marker. Mary & Peach arrive at Wat Kao Chong Phran, noticing Gary & Dave on the steps to the temple higher up, but sees the clue. Peach decides to do the Roadblock. Blake & Paige arrive at the temple, finding the clue. Gary & Dave notice both sibling teams, and run to the clue. Blake decides to perform the Roadblock. Peach enters the cave.

It was dark when I went in. It smelled horrific.Peach

Blake enters the cave. Gary & Dave get the clue. Gary decides to perform the Roadblock, and enters the cave. Blake is first to get the clue, followed shortly by Peach. The two head back. Dave gets to the clue box, grabbing the clue.

There were bats flying everywhere. It stank. But, you know, I was smelling elimination more than bat guano.Dave

Blake is first out of the cave, and says Peach is behind him, however, it is Dave that comes out second instead. Blake & Paige and Gary & Dave leave for the Pit Stop.

Peach had inadvertently taken a wrong turn in the cave.

I was disgusted, but I thought I'm just going to fix what I did wrong, which I had to back up a little, then out.Peach

Peach exits the cave, and the sisters get a taxi.

I'm definitely stronger now than I did at the beginning.Peach

Chris & Alex are on a long boat to Ban Plai Pong Pang.

Tara & Wil arrive at Wat Kao Chong Phran, finding the next clue. After a little arguing, Wil decides to perform the Roadblock.

Chris & Alex check in first place.

Wil finishes the Roadblock, and he and Tara are on their way to the Pit Stop.

Blake & Paige and Gary & Dave are worried, as they grabbed a tuk-tuk, which aren't as fast as taxis.

We panicked and grabbed a tuk-tuk, which was so stupid. If we were smart, all we had to do was jump in a regular taxi.Blake
We're riding basically, a lawnmower with a canopy. And it felt like that. It certainly went as fast.Dave

Gary & Dave decide to switch their tuk-tuk for a taxi.

Oswald & Danny arrive at Wat Kao Chong Phran. Oswald immediately notices a swarm of bats. They find their next clue. Oswald decides to perform the Roadblock. He enters the cave.

I basically walked into the bat cave, and I said, okay, here's my chance to be really, really butch.Oswald

Mary & Peach check in second place.

Russell & Cyndi arrive at Wat Kao Chong Phran, finding their next clue. Russell tells Cyndi she'll perform the Roadblock, which she agrees with. However, when Cyndi finds she'll be entering a cave of bats, and is frightened. She still enters the cave and finds the clue box.

I see the clue box, and I see all these swarming bats. I'm thinking, great. Just as I walk up, this bat goes (screeching noise) and hits me on the top of the head.Cyndi

Cyndi gets the clue and leaves the cave. She and Russell head to the Pit Stop.

Tara & Wil checked in third place.

Blake & Paige checked in fourth place.

Gary & Dave check in fifth place.

Oswald & Danny check in sixth place.

Unfortunately, Cyndi & Russell check in last place and Phil informs them they've been eliminated from The Amazing Race. The two are grateful for the experience.

Russell: Cyndi did things that I never knew she could do. I'm more in love with her now than I ever have been. She's...phew.
Cyndi: I'm not an outdoor person, and he loves all of that, so it's challenged me to try new things that I would have never gotten out of the office to do. So it's been a lot of fun. It's been quite a trip.
Russell: Quite a trip.
Cyndi: Quite a trip.
Russell: Yes it has. An amazing journey. I don't know how close two people can get, but we're just very much in love, and we thank God for it.

Route Markers

The order of departure from Amani Lodge are as follows:

  1. Oswald & Danny (7:47 am)
  2. Tara & Wil (10:43 am)
  3. Gary & Dave (10:45 am)
  4. Blake & Paige (11:34 am)
  5. Mary & Peach (11:34 am)
  6. Cyndi & Russell (11:44 am)
  7. Chris & Alex (12:59 pm)
For speeding in the prior leg, Gary & Dave and Chris & Alex were both assessed 42-minute time-penalties. As a result, Gary & Dave dropped to third, while it did not affect the placement of Chris & Alex.

Teams must fly to Bangkok, Thailand. After arriving, teams must take the BTS Skytrain from Siam Station, then traveled to Erawan Shrine where they had to find the next clue near the temple dancers.

The instructions for the Fast Forward were found with their clue at the Erawan Shrine. For the Fast Forward, teams must find the Amulet Market at Wat Ratchanadda. Here, one team member was required to have their head shaved - a Buddhist tradition. However, the Fast Forward went unaired.

Choice A: Confusion Now
Teams had to search for a specific water taxi dock to find the correct taxi that would take them to a bird market. Once there, they simply had to buy and release a cage full of sparrows for good karma.

Chris & Alex, Cyndi & Russell, Mary & Peach, and Tara & Wil chose this task.

Choice B: Confusion Later
Teams had to take a taxi to Chinatown in Charoen Krung Soi 21, where they had to purchase a "car" to burn and send to their ancestors from the Lee Ti Biew shrine. However, teams had to figure out that the "car" they needed was one of the many small paper cars sold at multiple booths near the shrine.

Blake & Paige, Gary & Dave, and Oswald & Danny chose this task.

Teams must take a bus to the Wat Kao Chong Phran temple in Ratchaburi.

"For someone who is comfortable in a crowd."

One team member had to don a protective mask, gloves, and boots (due to dangerous bacterium) and venture into a nearby cave filled with millions of bats to retrieve the next clue.

The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

Teams must make their way to Ban Plai Pong Pang, a river house in Amphawa.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward
Chris & Alex
 1st place 
Chris & Alex
Lifelong Friends
Mary & Peach
 2nd place 
Mary & Peach
Tara & Wil
 3rd place 
Tara & Wil
Separated Couple
Blake & Paige
 4th place 
Blake & Paige
Gary & Dave
 5th place 
Gary & Dave
Former Roommates
Oswald & Danny
 6th place 
Oswald & Danny
Best Friends
Cyndi & Russell
 7th place 
Cyndi & Russell
Pastors/Married Parents


  • This episode's title was said by Mary, commenting on Blake & Paige's apology to her and Peach on cutting ahead of them in the previous leg.


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